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    Wilbert Quick

    A.K.A Razkal Katz

    Founder, CEO & Architect

    Wilbert, cs Razkal, has spent the better part of his existence working for the USAF, Space Force, Dept of State, Dept of Defense, and the State of Oklahoma. He spent five years in Russia (Moscow), Afghanistan (Kabul and Kandahar), and Iraq (FOB Warior). He has been a sales manager, a store manager, an adjunct professor, a military instructor, a civilian combatant, and a spy. He has two master's degrees (English and Techncal Communication), a B.S. in Pyschology, minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. His hobbies include scuba, aviation, astrophotography, and playing the drums loudly. But probably the most interesting think you need to know to help you understand Mr. Quick's character is that he is quite allergic to cats. When asked why he chose to work with cats if he is allergic to them, he said "I didn't, and God didn't ask me about it.

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    Yvette Bricker

    Secretary General and Office Manager

    Yvette, cs Korvet6, has also spent her productive years associated with the military. She has spent more of this Century in Afghanistan than in the USA. She also taught Aviation English for the Dept of Defense and USAF and includes Aviation among her list of hobbies. She speaks several languages, including French which she speaks fluently and translated to doctors for injured French soldiers at the ISAF military hospital in Kabul.

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    Mark Taylor

    Director of Operations & Project Manager

    Mark, cs Old Fart, enjoys working with power tools and getting his hands dirty. He likes big dogs as much as anything and enjoys training them a lot more than picking up after them. He prefers goats and chickens to people, but says that is partially due to him never really having an oven big enough to cook one properly.